Fulphil Partners with Chabot College to Launch the Fulphil Chabot Idea Challenge

This winter, Fulphil partnered with Chabot College to launch the Fulphil Chabot Idea Challenge, which asked hundreds of students across Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo School from Eden Area Regional Occupation Group to create impactful business ideas for their communities.

Every student who participated in this competition was provided with feedback on their social enterprise ideas, which they can leverage to iterate, refine, and validate their business models leading up to our 2022 FulPitch Challenge, which will take place in May.

Watch the full awards ceremony and keynote speech here

On January 11th, 2021, the competition hosted its final awards ceremony which announced the finalists, who will receive cash prizes, sponsored by Chabot College. Naiomi Israel, Fulphil’s Head of Content, was the Master of Ceremony, who introduced our keynote speaker LeRon Barton, a 3-time TEDx Speaker, author, and artist, and facilitated the presentation of Awards.

Barton’s speech focused on empowering students to be resilient and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

“It is not about falling,” Barton says. “Your hunger for victory must be stronger than your fear of defeat. Don’t worry about failing, we all fall. We don’t get it right the first time…from a kid from the South Side of Kansas who gave 3 TEDx’s, writes for Harvard Business Review, my plea and ask for you is to not give up. If you keep shooting that ball at the hoop, it will go in.”

Following the keynote, Founder & CEO of Fulphil, Tiffany Yau, presented the winners of the Fulphil Social Impact Award. This award was created to honor students who were particularly intentional about the impact they hoped to leave on their communities.

Miguel Colon, Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship at Chabot College presented the next award, the Chabot Innovation Award.

Colon mentioned, “I found myself taking notes during the presentation to contact students for investments…the ideas were incredible.”

This award is for companies that created impressive innovative ideas. Key factors considered in selecting the finalists included feasibility, existing progress/traction, market knowledge, and creativity.

  • 1st place: Turtl Shell (Michelle Corez-Badua; San Leandro High School) — a 100% biodegradable pen with 0 plastic and metal
  • 2nd place: Green Bus (Naomi Suarez; Hayward High School) — electric vehicle eliminating bus emissions
  • 3rd place: Starsweeper Stuffies (Madison Torbik; Tennyson High School) — long-lasting sustainable stuffed animals

The competition also issued a Crowd Prize Award. This award went to the company with the most votes amongst their peers. The winner this year was Sugary Delights (Danna Cristina Beltrann; Tennyson High School).

Honorable mentions of the competition include:

  • Access Simplified (by Ruchita Verma; Mount Eden High School)
  • Dear Cupid (Lizbeth Garibay; Arroyo High School)
  • EZ Cycles (Ronin; Eduardo Enriquez; Arroyo High School)
  • RU Hungry (Christopher Oseguera; Hayward High School)

We would like to give a special thanks to Chabot College for their collaboration and partnership, our judges for committing their time, and our teachers of Eden Area Regional Occupation Group for their dedication to their students to all make this effort possible.

About Fulphil

Fulphil is a 501(c)3 education nonprofit that empowers youth to develop a social entrepreneurial mindset to make an impact in their careers and on their local communities.

Learn more about our students, teachers, and curriculum at www.fulphil.org or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

For any further inquiries, reach out to our team at hello@fulphil.org




Fulphil is a 501(c)3 that empowers high school students to make an impact on their communities by teaching social entrepreneurship.

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Fulphil is a 501(c)3 that empowers high school students to make an impact on their communities by teaching social entrepreneurship.

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